Adoptive Parents Testimonials

Adopting a baby can feel like the scariest experience ever. There are mountains of paperwork to be completed and everything seems out of your control. The waiting. And waiting. However, with a *fantastic* social worker like Laurie and the rest of the staff at A Child’s Dream, our experience was truly a dream. Laurie helped us navigate the entire experience, from prior to the birth all the way through placement. She was professional, warm and extremely knowledgeable. My husband and I were thrilled at her openness, her attention to detail and the ease with which she facilitated our adoption. She met us in person when we flew out to meet the birth mom and the baby. She helped us in the hospital and answered all our questions. She met with us in the days following placement and even coordinated a lunch with the birth mom which we were thrilled about. We adopted the most beautiful, precious baby boy who has been the biggest blessing we could have ever hoped or prayed for. We will never be able to adequately express our appreciation to Laurie and everyone at A Child’s Dream for making our dream of having a family come true.

by Happy Family – 10/08/2013

We have been more than thrilled with our experience working with A Child’s Dream. They helped us with our successful adoption and made our dreams come true. We had many questions about the process once we were matched. The staff at A Child’s Dream helped us navigate through everything and made sure we were comfortable with every detail, especially the confusing aspects of the adoption process. Throughout the journey, our calls were returned immediately and our emails answered thoroughly. Because of our experience with A Child’s Dream, we deeply believe it is why we had such a smooth adoption and continue to now, more than a year after our child was born. Throughout this experience, we have developed a friendship with the staff at A Child’s Dream and they continue to be a resource for us. We would recommend them for any family looking to adopt.

by The Miller Family – 08/13/2013

The social workers at a Childs Dream were kind and very helpful. They worked well with both the birth parents and the adoptive parents. They explained the law and adoption procedures, and walked us thru the process. This is our third adoption and we highly recommend A Child’s Dream.

by A Childs Dream of Nevada – 11/11/2013

“We had the best experience with A Child’s Dream! We were working with an Adoption Attorney in California, but our birth mother was from Nevada so we needed a Nevada Agency. We could not have been luckier to be referred to Dee and Ruth. From the first conversation, we got all of our questions answered with clear knowledgeable answers. The social worker was very quick to meet our birth mother and move things along that needed to be done. Our son was born early and our Interstate Compact Packet hadn’t been completed yet, but the Dee, Director worked diligently to get it done in a timely manner and moved through the necessary channels quickly. We also felt very supportive while in the hospital which can be awkward and unnerving at times. Dee was there for us without fail. Everyone was very personable, knowledgeable and action oriented. It is also our opinion that our birth mother was treated with the utmost respect and consideration. We would highly recommend A Child’s Dream if you are doing an adoption in Nevada!”

by L.S. and S.S.

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