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As you begin the adoption process there are many things to think about. There are so many issues involved, that if you are just starting to think about adoption it can be very confusing and overwhelming. At A Child’s Dream we understand what you may be feeling, and the many questions you may have. Adopting a baby can be a long and hard process, but we believe that it can also be enjoyable and exciting. Our adoption coordinating staff is highly trained in adoption procedures and will work individually with you, to create an adoption plan that fits your family uniquely.

Unlike other agencies, we spend a majority of our time working with birth parents, and building relationships and respect with them. This allows us to more quickly and accurately match the needs of adoptive parents with those of the birth parents. This is evident in the many children placed into loving homes over the past few years, as well as the number of adoptive parents who return to us for multiple adoptions.

About Our Services

At A Child’s Dream we realize that each family is unique. Instead of trying to use a set formula, we work individually with birth parents and adoptive parents to provide an adoption plan that will best fit everyone’s situation. Our goal throughout this process is to match the needs and desires of the adoptive couple as closely as possible with those of the birth parents and baby. Though each adoption is distinct, there is a simple three-step process we follow, that will make the adoption process not only easy to understand, but enjoyable as well.

Step 1: Initial Contact and Application

  • The Adoptive parents contact our agency, informing us of their desire to adopt.
  • They can print off the adoptive parent packet from our website, this includes the application.
  • Once filled out, the adoptive parents send their application packet to the agency. There is a non-refundable application fee of $500.00. This fee allows us to process all paperwork that has been submitted to our agency.
  • The adoptive parents will also need to send an original copy of their home study, and three color profiles of their family in order for the birth parents to select the adoptive parents for their child.

Step 2: Matching with Birth Parents

  • Our agency keeps a record of all adoptive parents which includes a list of the following information: ages, length of marriage, number of children already in the home, general occupation, religious preference, what type of child desired, and adoption budget. We are a non-gender specific agency.
  • Each birth parent also fills out a form listing their preferences for adoptive parents. Some birth parents may desire a specific age range or religion, while others are more open.
  • Each birth parent receives at least three different profiles based upon matches to their preferences. The adoptive parents will generally be called before they are presented to a birth parent, giving them the opportunity to look over their files and decide if they would like to be presented to that particular birth parent or not. However, there are times where we are not able to get in touch with the adoptive parents quickly enough, and in those situations we ask the birth parents to pick a second and third choice so that we can proceed should the adoptive couple decide not to proceed with the adoption match.
  • The adoptive parents will receive an estimate of the total cost of the adoption, generally before they are presented, but in the case of the agency not being able to contact them before they are presented, they will be informed of the estimated cost before they are required to commit to the birth parents.

Step 3: The Final Interview

  • Once all paperwork has been submitted, and the adoptive couple has been matched with the birth parents, they will be required to interview with our agencies agent. The interview and counseling session will take approximately two hours, and will happen upon placement with the child.

We Are Here To Help

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