Important Ways to Focus on Self-Care During Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy can bring on many changes. As you adjust to them, taking excellent care of yourself needs to remain a priority. Consider these ways to engage in self-care throughout your pregnancy. When you’re doing well and feeling your best during your pregnancy, you may empower yourself to have an easier recovery after the birth, too.

Eat a Healthy, Varied Diet Rich in Fruits and Vegetables

When many people discuss dieting, they are referring to calorie restriction. However, you should never cut back on calories when you’re pregnant unless your doctor advises you to do so. Instead, try to eat a varied, healthy diet. Your doctor is likely to recommend a prenatal multivitamin to complement your diet.

Eating many fruits and vegetables can provide you with the 70 mg of vitamin C you should be consuming daily during your pregnancy. Eat plenty of tomatoes, brussels sprouts, oranges, and tangerines. Plant-based proteins like nuts and legumes also offer many health benefits. Whole grains and enriched breads are smart choices for essential carbohydrates.

Talk to a Therapist About the Changes in Your Life

The Washington Post reported that 15 to 20 percent of pregnant women struggle with a maternal mental health disorder. Many pregnant women struggle with depression and anxiety. Try to minimize your risk of struggling with these problems yourself by being proactive about your own mental health throughout your pregnancy.

This can mean going to see a therapist. After all, a therapist can help you handle the many complex emotions that come along with any pregnancy. Psychotherapy can also be a safe place for you to discuss mixed feelings about keeping your baby or choosing adoption. A counselor can help you explore these feelings and learn more about yourself.

Get Plenty of Rest   

According to the National Sleep Foundation, pregnant women might need either a few extra hours of sleep at night or a few naps throughout the day. However, it may not always be easy to get to sleep when you are pregnant. Things such as frequent urination, heartburn, fetal movement, nausea, and vomiting can have an impact on how well you sleep.

To fall asleep more easily, pay attention to what things help enhance your comfort. For example, try sleeping on your side. Place a pregnancy pillow between your bent knees before going to sleep and elevating the head of your bed. Also, try to relax for the hour before bedtime by reading or engaging in another stress-free activity.

Make Time to Have Fun With Friends

Some pregnant women isolate themselves from friends and family members.  Don’t make that mistake. You need the support of your loved ones during this time in your life. Try to schedule time with your friends every week. It’s good for you! In fact, it’s been shown that spending time with a best friend can reduce stress levels, and every pregnant woman could use less stress.

You don’t have to get all dressed up, block out a whole day, or spend money at a restaurant to enjoy time with friends. Simplify things. You may invite a friend out to do errands with you. Bring some water and healthy snacks along. If you offer to return the favor, running errands might become a regularly shared activity that seems a lot less boring with company.

Also, get creative. Invite friends over for an at-home spa afternoon. You can set up fun little beauty stations where you can display nail polishes for do-it-yourself manicures and pedicures. Put on facial masks and read magazines while enjoying one another’s company. This enables you to pamper yourself while being frugal and making memories with friends.

Keep Moving Your Body

Talk to your doctor about what they recommend for exercise during your pregnancy. Ask them about how safe your favorite physical activities are during the coming months. You may be able to do all the things you enjoyed before. If not, try to explore new physical activities that are safe during the pregnancy.

A lot of workouts have been designed with pregnant women in mind. Denise Austin and other fitness celebrities have released exercise DVDs that are designed specifically for pregnant bodies. If you prefer to exercise with others, pregnancy yoga classes are available in most big cities. Also, consider asking whether your gym has any classes geared towards pregnant women.

Finally, when you make time to take stellar care of yourself each day, you’ll enjoy both short-term and long-term benefits. You will look and feel better. You will build up your physical and emotional strength. Taking care of yourself may also help make this time of your life easier and more peaceful.

If you are considering adoption as your pregnancy progresses, contact the caring adoption counselors at A Child’s Dream. We can help alleviate stress, answer any questions you may have, and empower you with information to make a well-informed choice.

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