“Hi there my name is Alicia Currier, here is my testimony on my experience with the adoption process. I have mainly only dealt with Christi and built a very strong one on one relationship with her. She is always so happy to hear from me and hear about my life, I wouldn’t pick another adoption agency ever. My adoption for my baby boy was a quick choice but I have no regrets with my choice and they make me feel like I’m important and mean something to them always so pleasant. If I had another choice 3 years ago I still would have chose them. They placed my baby with the perfect family for the requirements I had they made sure everything I wanted or needed I got, so thank you Christi for being there for me. And making me feel like I am strong enough to conquer the world with one hand. Still amazing that it has been 3 years already. Placing your child doesn’t mean you don’t love them it means you are strong enough to realize your not ready. You aren’t weak if you decide to do what is best for the baby and Christi has proven that to me over and over. Yes you will feel weak and wonder what if? Could I have? But never doubt your self you are a beautiful and blessed a family with a bundle of joy and strong because that choice so with that said that is my testimony of my experience 7-1-2015 placed my babyboy for adoption on June 25th of 2012”

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