The Adoption Process

Once you decide that adoption is the right choice for your family, you will begin to gather your documents together. You will want to get started on your home study as soon as possible, as that takes the longest to prepare. We cannot actually match you with a birth parent, until you have sent us your completed home study. However, once your home study is in process, you can send us your completed application and profiles, so our Child Placement Supervisor can begin reviewing your information.

Along with your profile, you will send us a “Dear Birth Parent” letter. This letter gives you a chance to introduce yourself and your family to the birth parents. It should contain information on your personality, career, lifestyle, hobbies, religion, and dreams for the future. This letter is the most important opportunity you have to connect with the birth parent on a personal level, and put into words the warmth and love you could offer to a child. Please review the information entitled “Preparing a Family Profile” contained in this packet.

Through our extensive outreach and advertising programs we have direct access to birth parents across the United States. Once we have been contacted by a birth parent, our agency works with them to discuss their options, and gain information regarding the direction they would like to take. We use this information to gather several adoptive parent profiles, that fit the desires of the birth parent, giving the birth parent the ability to choose a couple. The birth parent will receive a copy of each adoptive parent’s profile and “Dear Birth Parent” letter. The birth parent will carefully consider each adoptive parent presented to them, and select the adoptive parents with whom they feel most comfortable.


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